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260 Market Street
New Albany, OH, 43054
United States


Since 2007, Hayley Gallery has represented the work of over 60 emerging & established local Ohio artists. Exhibits change monthly with mediums including paintings, mixed media, sculpture, wood, glass, metal, ceramic, fiber, jewelry, Judaica & accessories.



Hayley Gallery brings a new and exciting exhibit to the gallery on a monthly basis featuring a wide range of artists and mediums.  Artist opening receptions are FREE to attend (ages 12 and up please).

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Fundraiser for Franklin County Democratic Candidates
6:00 PM18:00

Fundraiser for Franklin County Democratic Candidates

Gahanna Democrats and Friends and New Albany Democrats Invite You to a Fundraiser for Gahanna Democratic Candidates

GDF is teaming up with the New Albany Dems to sponsor a fundraiser for our Gahanna Democratic Candidates and the Franklin County Democratic Party (FCDP). It’s essential that we support our impressive slate of candidates by putting their information in the hands and doors of every voter in Gahanna. Please join us at Hayley Gallery to show your support the Gahanna Democrats running in the Fall election.

Wednesday August 28, 2019

6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Can't Attend but want to donate:

Contributions to Gahanna Coordinated Campaign $75

Supporter $50

Friend $25

(All Contributions are Welcome)

Make Checks Payable to Franklin County Democratic Party

Special Thanks for the Generous Support of:Hayley Deeter, Owner of Hayley Gallery, for Donation of the Venue

Sarah Higginston, Chair of New Albany OH Dems for Donation of Refreshments

Susan Jackson-Finfrock, Owner of Peace Love Juice for Donation of Juices plus a discount card to Peace Love Juice

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Columbus Museum of Art Women's Board New Member Social
5:30 PM17:30

Columbus Museum of Art Women's Board New Member Social

The Women’s Board of the Columbus Museum of Art is a dynamic group of women who raise funds for the Museum. We take seriously our commitment to one of the country’s best museums. But we are more than that. We are women from all around Central Ohio who come together and do great things. Women’s Board was organized in 1967 and to this day, Women’s Board members play an active role in advancing the growth of the Museum through direct service and fundraising.

The Museum is a community treasure, and we help to preserve and enhance that treasure. We do it with style and humor, bringing our talents, time, and camaraderie to make our fundraisers some of the most successful and anticipated events in Central Ohio. Beyond our fundraisers, many of us choose to volunteer our time in other ways for the Museum. We also spend time together, discovering art and just enjoying each other’s company.

Join us at the beautiful Hayley Gallery in New Albany to find out how you can join the The Women’s Board of the Columbus Museum of Art.

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Shake Parkinson's Annual Fundraiser
2:00 PM14:00

Shake Parkinson's Annual Fundraiser

In support of the Myser Family Parkinson’s Disease Research Fund #645098 to support Parkinson’s disease medical research The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Established April 7, 2017, with gifts given in honor of Mary Hadsell Myser and the late Dr. Willard Cochran Myser (MS 1947, PhD 1952; Professor Emeritus). Gifts have been given from Teresa L. Myser (BS 1971) and Richard D. Myser (MS 1975); from their sons, Eric D. Myser (BS 2000; MS 2004) and Michael S. Myser (BA 1999); and from other relatives and friends; used to support medical research on Parkinson's disease in the Movement Disorders Division in the Department of Neurology, College of Medicine, to help eradicate the disease and/or improve treatments and patient outcomes.

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Artist Opening Reception for Laura Jacob - Found in Nature
5:00 PM17:00

Artist Opening Reception for Laura Jacob - Found in Nature

I received my BFA from Bowling Green University with a concentration in oil painting in 1997. I currently work in 2 dimensional mixed media art. Most of my art is done in encaustics (painting with beeswax mixed with resin and pigment). It’s such a versatile medium and offers endless ways to explore. I love that I can make the surface of a painting incredibly smooth or I can carve and embed objects into the wax. Painting with liquid wax is both satisfying and challenging. The wax has to be heated to around 200 degrees to be able to paint with it. It hardens quickly once it touches the wood canvas and has to be fused in layers with a heat gun or a blow torch.

Some of the materials I love incorporating into wax are handmade papers, vintage book pages, my grandmother’s old sewing patterns, beads, threads, and dried botanicals. I feel like I can express my love of nature and create atmospheric work best in this way. Melting the wax and fusing each layer to the previous one takes quite a bit of practice and patience. The process of building and taking away reflects so much of how I feel about life. We are always building and repairing ourselves. My pieces are typically a reflection of how I feel about things I see in nature or my surroundings. In a way I’m trying to share the sense of the mystery, beauty and sometimes decay I see in life and nature.


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