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260 Market Street
New Albany, OH, 43054
United States


Since 2007, Hayley Gallery has represented the work of over 60 emerging & established local Ohio artists. Exhibits change monthly with mediums including paintings, mixed media, sculpture, wood, glass, metal, ceramic, fiber, jewelry, Judaica & accessories.

Artist Opening Reception for Chris Itsell "Metal-Morphically Speaking"


Hayley Gallery brings a new and exciting exhibit to the gallery on a monthly basis featuring a wide range of artists and mediums.  Artist opening receptions are FREE to attend (ages 12 and up please).

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Artist Opening Reception for Chris Itsell "Metal-Morphically Speaking"

  • Hayley Gallery 260 Market St. New Albany, OH. 43054 United States (map)

My hands, my soul and my mind converge on each piece of work. The outcome is a sculpture or painting that triggers a tangible, personal emotional response. Best of all those emotions are shared, not isolated to the artist but the viewer as well.  Inspiration arises, often without warning, from any number of life’s seemingly random scenes whether good or bad. After all, we are living in an ever-evolving work created by The Greatest Artist of all.  

For metal art sculptures, I find that fluid lines and almost limitless perspective really entice the eye to investigate, much like the curious environment that we occupy. Even if the work is linear, an appropriately applied patina or even applying additional metal can introduce motion that otherwise would leave the piece stagnant. Sculptures are often active but remain balanced and resolve themselves like a well composed song. I love to work with the various ferrous and non-ferrous metals like copper, steel, aluminum, and bronze. Occasionally combining these elements together alongside concrete, wood, and glass really give them life. A variety of heat or chemical processes helps me transform the work into something special.

For canvas art, anything is possible in the abstract realm. I’m free to run spontaneously. One idea or inspirational mark may lead to something entirely sublime in the end. I’ve always been drawn to the earth tones, especially those of the Southwest United States where I was raised. From the reds and browns of the Sedona canyons, the lively greens of the valley, to the majestic hues of blue, red, orange and purple as the sun allows the desert night to take the shift. These are my soul colors but that doesn’t limit me from the spectrum of colors available. They are all beautiful. I never limit myself to any one tool for the application of paints. One piece of work may utilize brushes, water, tape and compressed air while another may utilize an inline or orbital sander for vibrating pigment.

The creative possibilities are only limited by the desire to try something new. For me, art allows the gates to the unknown to open where I can rush in to fill the void, the void that the ordinary had previously occupied.