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Since 2007, Hayley Gallery has represented the work of over 60 emerging & established local Ohio artists. Exhibits change monthly with mediums including paintings, mixed media, sculpture, wood, glass, metal, ceramic, fiber, jewelry, Judaica & accessories.


Chuck Marshall

Chuck Marshall (Charles W. Marshall, Jr.) was born and raised in Ohio. He grew up in the very small town of New Antioch, about seven miles outside of  Wilmington.

The surrounding area was known for its agriculture - mainly hogs and corn. So Chuck grew up working farms and spending time in his father's construction trade, but from a very early age Chuck knew he wanted to do something different with his life - he knew he was going to be an artist. He would spend hours each day sketching images of fields and hillsides that he would see while roaming the countryside.

When in high school Chuck was fortunate enough to have an art teacher that cared about young artistic minds and introduced Chuck to all forms of art. 

Chuck went on to attended one year at the Cincinnati Art Academy before moving to southern California, where he studied at the California Art Institute. While out west he studied with various artists that worked in the Southwest and California Plein Air styles. (Plein Air is a French term meaning to paint from life, or on location.)

At that time in Chuck’s early career, his focus was on wildlife and the landscapes he loved so much. When he could, he would go outside to paint. Although family obligations didn't leave much time for Chuck to dedicate himself to his art, he was still able to find enough success in his paintings to keep him inspired as an artist.

Throughout his career, Chuck has also worked as an illustrator and graphic designer. His illustrations have been featured in magazines, books, popcorn tins, as well as prints and greeting cards. His fine art has been published in International Artist and American Artist Magazine. Chuck has won numerous awards and has also performed as a judge in juried art competitions. His work hangs in many private and corporate collections, and he has been asked to demonstrate his craft for art groups, teaching both illustration and fine art classes. He is a member of many art groups local and national.

Today his art has taken a turn more towards the elements of art than the subject matter. Shapes, values, edges, line, color, and so on attract his eye more now. He feels great painting comes from that and not how well you can draw an object.

Chuck's art is a direct reflection of his love of art, nature and life itself.


conch oil 12x9 110.JPG
conch oil 12x9 110.JPG



Artist:  Chuck Marshall
Size: 12" x 9"
Medium: Oil on Canvas - Framed

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